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This site is the result of a long journey, one which started many years ago- before the advent of the internet, or GPS navigation- with the vision of two friends who had a passion for writing, and a passion for all things aviation in Southern Africa. Retired airline captain Mitch Stirling, and John house, after years of research put together what must be one of the most in depth descriptive books depicting the history of aviation in Southern Africa, from year dot, up until 1980.africa_with_wings_200x249

This coffee table hard cover book, which weighs in at 2kgs, has been very well received and copies can be found in each corner of the globe. There are a few copies left for sale, and once gone, that will be the end of the line for the book- in its present form. But that does not mean the story ends there.

With the advent of social media, the book has found a new lease of life. However, not only has the story found a new audience, but it has spawned a whole new set of stories, all having their origins in aviation in Southern Africa.

The face book group has become a well visited “watering hole” for almost every pilot who has their roots in African aviation. The group has opened our eyes to a whole range of pictures, stories and anecdotes which gives us all a huge insight into how big and strong the aviation world in our part of the world was, and thanks to the very few left, sill is.

There is now more than enough data to probably write at least another three books about those who served Africa with their wings. Thanks to Mitch for running the group, and keeping all the members interactive, and here’s to a great website. The sky’s the limit…

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